Book Chapters / Chapitres de Livres :
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Conferences :
• Green IT for Innovation and Innovation for Green IT : The Virtuous Circle
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• The Potential for Environmental Savings – Restrictions, Internal Standards and Approaches, PhD Workshop, ICT4S Conference, Zürich, February 2013

LINKING ACADEMIA AND INDUSTRY FOR A GREEN (IT) SOCIETY, Poster, ICT4S Conference, (Best Poster Award), Zürich, February 2013

Presentations / Panel participations:
• Panelist in FutureCleanTechForum. Pillar : New technologies – discover the leading edges. Session : Impact on the deployment of renewable energy technologies, October, 2012
• Presentation at GreenDays in Luxembourg, January 2013.
• Presentation at North Eastern University, Shenyang, China, August 2013.

Other publications
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